By: Lowell Sheets

April 19, 2014


Puneet M

Puneet M., Columbia, MD

★★★★★ "Overall Ropewalk was a great find, good food, decent beer and decent service you can't beat that!"


B.T., Syracuse, NY

★★★★★ "Best deal for wings in the Fed Hill area. 35 cent wing night Tuesday w/ $2 shock top drafts. Winner for broke med student. Wings are good flavor too. Try the old bay or ravens. They also have shrimp specials and other nightly specials that def going back to try. "


Victoria L., Holiston, MA

★★★★★ "I can NOT believe I've lived in Fed Hill for almost a year and only just visited this place the night before President's day. The lady bartenders were awesome. Instead of hot-pant wearing over-make-upped sorostitutes, there were a couple of actual honest-to-goodness women tending bar. And they can pour a MEAN drink. The bar food was super tasty - pierogies and wings, my friends, never get old as drinking food. Especially at this establishment. The joint is HUGE - there is space and room for everyone, regardless if you're looking for a neighborhood dive bar, dance bar, pool club, whatever. They have it. As other reviewers mentioned, the Reagan memorabilia is a bit much, but if republicans can pour me so much amazing rum, I'm game for hanging with ol' Ronald."


Joe K., Annapolis, MD

★★★★ "4-stars and one of the top places I like to visit when out in Federal Hill (it's better to start the night off here then hop around) "


Lina B., Portland, OR

★★★★★ "I love this place, and I am not a Republican. There are pool tables, in addition to ample bar space. They have trivia (I forget which night) and plenty of room to dance. If you go into the back room and up the stairs, there are 2 levels with hidden you can definitely get lost. "


Littany W., San Francisco, CA

★★★★★ "Been to Ropewalk a couple of times now and have enjoyed it each time! Between the free Ms. Pac Man game, the oddball decor and the delicious food it's definitely a place to go back to. One of the biggest perks is the massive amount of seating available for a bar in Federal Hill. I've never had a problem getting a table or a seat at the bar, even when showing up with 10 people to celebrate a birthday. The food is good, I had the thai chicken wrap the last time I was there and it was perfect... fries were good too, not just an afterthought. "